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  • How do I accept payments?
    ALL PAYMENTS are to be submitted through my website or via invoice. Unless we have made a deal or discussed a payment arrangement. ​ I do not accept orders through any other platform other than my website. ​ Payment should be made in a method and manner specified by Shanaya Graphics.
  • What are your business hours?
    Monday-Friday| 10am - 9pm Weekends| 12pm-9pm Holidays| CLOSED HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE These times are in Central Daylight Time
  • Can I cancel my order
    If for any reason you want to cancel your service that has already been paid for that is your choice. But however due to the work that has been produced or in progress all payment(s) will not be refunded in order to offset the loss of our business. ​ ​ If drafts (partial work) has been sent and reviewed by the client and chose to cancel, payment will be kept and not refunded. All work will be kept and all ownership will stay with Shanaya Graphics. If project is in last stage ownership will be transferred to client after 100% payment has been received.
  • Can I terminate my service?
    Client has 1-2 weeks to respond to and email or Instagram dm. After this grace period your service will be terminated. If you would like to restart your project there is a restart fee of $35 (different from ghosting cause). Waiting on responses makes us delay time on our other clients. Even if you don have all the information. Just communicate we will try our best to work with you! ​ ​ The only reason a client should terminate this contract and receive a full refund is if Shanaya Graphics breaks any terms or conditions. If client chooses to terminate service for any other reason other than turnaround time payment will be kept and service will be terminated. Shanaya Graphics does not tolerate disrespect and has the right to terminate service if client becomes verbally abusive, unreachable, unreasonable, procrastinates or becomes absurd. SHANAYA GRAPHICS CAN TERMINATE IF: Unable to make decisions on designs forcing me to do consistent changes with no direction or suggestions. Rejection to several drafts with no help. Changes on design plans which weren't in original agreement and refuses to pay the difference Unreasonable requests (ex. I need my logo drafts by tonight, I want my website done tomorrow) Harassment
  • Can I get a refund?
    Deposits and payments are non-refundable. Due to the fact that we spend our quality time creating custom made designs and the time spent on the design(s). Our time is valuable so please communicate with us about your brand exceptions. ​ Shanaya Graphics Does not provide refunds so having buyers remorse or wanting to use another companies services is not a valid reason for a refund. ​ Shanaya Graphics will refund if we do not meet our standards or we break our agreement with you the client.
  • How can I get in contact with you?
    All communication will be done by email or text message ​ Phone Number: +1 (312)​​ 598 - 1628 Email |
  • How long will my project take?
    Most designs are done within 3-14 days but just to be sure check the service description. ​​ 3-6 weeks for larger services such as (websites, branding packages and etc.) ​​ Designs may take longer or less time due to high work volume or less work volume. You will be notified if your project if theirs a delay or time cut in your project.
  • How many revisions do I get
    Designs will be done in rounds | Round 1: First Designs, Round 2: Revisions ​ You will be sent drafts in round 1 ​ You will receive 3 free revisions after you will have to pay a $10 revision fee
  • How will I receive my files?
    All files will be sent via google drive ​​ All files will be sent in | PNG, PDF, JPG, MP4 file types ​​ your logo will be sent in various files such as all black, all white, transparent background, with background, PNG, PDF, JPG files. For all different purposes. ​​ I DO NOT SEND PSD/AI FILES FOR LOGOS
  • Final Files
    Once final project is complete and final copies are sent, the designs will be owned by you. But Shanaya Graphics can use files for portfolio.
  • Ghosting Cause
    Any client who dosent respond within the 1-2 week grace period will receive 3 follow up emails about service(s). If there is till no response, project will be terminated and no refund will be provided. Restart fee for ghosting cause is $30.
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